A little about me.


I am a young stay-at-home mama to two gorgeous, caring and energetic little girls, Rayyan and Aleena. As a mother, I naturally want the best for my family - I want them to be happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. Becoming a mama was the nudge I needed to embrace a low tox and low waste lifestyle. As a family, we started making small changes, taking little steps in the way of living a more eco friendly, sustainable and natural way of life - it’s a constant journey for us and we are always striving to be and do better.

My family is my world and I am so blessed to have such such an amazing man supporting me in all that I choose to do- my Husband. We spend a lot of our time during the day socialising and exploring our environment outdoors, learning to love and appreciate the world we live in.

I hope that my journey will motivate and inspire you as I navigate my way though motherhood and a more conscious way of life.

Hanadi xx

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